Self Service in Insurance with claimsplanet.

You may have heard the term ‘Self Service’ in relation to insurance. According to The Insurance Network, insurance self-service is being embraced more and more, with the Future at Lloyd’s project having moved claims self-service to the top of the organisation’s priority list.

Self-service has been shown to improve customer satisfaction, whilst reducing claims handling times, and one such claims management solution that quite literally puts the claims management process into the customer’s hands is claimsplanet.

claimsplanet allows any end-user to fully embrace insurance self-service. The intuitive-to-use app is available to any Apple of Android mobile device user who can then take time and geo-tagged images and video, detailing the damage using annotation tools. Following their digitally signing their claim, they submit it for processing. One the claim is received from the self-service claims management process, the insurance company can then either organise repairs and even send the customer a letter of offer, all within the app environment.

If your organisation is striving to increase levels of self-service, whilst increasing claims management efficiency and security, click here to learn more and to arrange your free trial of claimsplanet.

Take a look for yourself now – Download claimsplanet for iPhone and iOS mobile devices here and for Android devices here.

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