Secure, Paperless Claim Management – If You Insure it ClaimsPlanet Has a Use.

We know that claimsplanet is of course an extremely efficient way of managing insurance claims; it’s paperless, secure, cost-saving, greener and convenient. Through submitting signed claims, accompanied by time and geo-tagged images and video, it’s an outstanding claim management and inventory tool. Furthermore, it’s accessible to anyone using an iOS or Android device.

We’ve looked at shipping damages and how insurers can assign claims to agents or directly to claimants through the app, but what other uses does claimsplanet potentially offer?

Car Rental – Whether you’re a lease company or renting a car yourself, ClaimsPlanet enables you to take time-stamped, geo-tagged images and video of any car damage that cannot be refuted by either party.

Property Rental – An inventory of detailed damage can effortlessly be logged using claimsplanet. The time and geo-tagged annotated images mean that it’s impossible for either the tenant or the landlord to dispute any damage.

Veterinary Medicine – Detailed and annotated images of an animal’s condition would serve owners and vets alike for secondary consultations and monitoring purposes.

Car tyre pothole damage – We’ve all read how the country’s roads are in such a poor state and causing millions in damage for car owners. claimsplanet app enables the driver to catalogue damage in great detail, time and geo-tagging the damage in relation to the pothole.

Claim Investigation – Another superb usage of claimsplanet is to gauge the authenticity of an insurance claim. Utilising the app to submit time and geo-stamped video of the claimant describing the claim can then be processed through voice risk analysis software. Dependent on the outcome, it might be deemed that details of the claim seem untruthful and justify further investigation.

The applications and benefits of claimsplanet are endless. Should you have an application idea, or would like to gain more information about claimsplanet, click here.

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