Reducing Your Carbon Footprint – Streamlined Insurance Claims.

As carbon dioxide reaches alarmingly high levels, we’re all under increasing pressure to drive-down our carbon footprint and the insurance industry and the services we opt to use as consumers are no exception. Traditionally, insurance claims have required travel, paperwork and processing. However, claimsplanet is a smartphone app-based solution that enables claims to be managed remotely, directly by the claimant.

We’ve dealt with claims quite literally at locations throughout the globe, from Alaska’s Ice Road, to Guam, to the remote Shetland Islands. However, no matter where in the world a claim is initiated, with ClaimsPlanet the claim can be assigned to a local insurance agent or directly to the claimant. Once they’ve downloaded the app, they then take time and geo-tagged images and video of the damaged item, annotating the damage and signing the claim before submitting from any global location.

Removing the need for large-scale IT infrastructure, the need to travel, and cutting-out the requirement to post, process and store claim documents means that claimsplanet could significantly contribute towards driving-down carbon footprints and insurance premiums. In addition, the reduction in documentation and paper storage concerns contributes towards greater GDPR compliance. For the end-user, expect a faster, more efficient, better-value claims experience.

To install claimsplanet app on your smartphone or device visit the iTunes store or Google Play and search claimsplanet.

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