Real Life International Warranty Claim with claimsplanet.

As you can see by the accompanying images, the claimsplanet app was used by the claimsplanet Round The Island sailing team team to process a warranty issue following their boat’s boom vang malfunctioning.

As the team was circumnavigating The Isle of Wight, the boat’s boom vang ruptured, creating a sound so loud that it could have been mistaken for a gun being fired. Estimated as costing in the region of £600-to-£1000 to repair or replace the boom vang, claimsplanet app was used to process the issue.

Time and geo-tagged images were taken and the damage was clearly identified, thanks to the app’s annotation tools. Once digitally signed, the claim was presented to the manufacturer’s head office in Germany. Staff were then able utilise the claimsplanet images and information to confirm that the damage was under warranty, as the cable part of the vang should not have snapped doing what it was intended to do. New parts were then ordered and subsequently fitted by a local boat yard appointed by the manufacturer. Click, claim, sorted.

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