Vehicle Condition Reports Made Easy.

If your business rents-out vehicles, whether it’s a car hire or commercial vehicle rental company, claimsplanet app will help to reduce time, effort, uncertainty and ultimately costs. claimsplanet allows your staff and agents to swiftly and accurately document the condition of your vehicles before they leave your premises and when they are returned.

Available to anyone using an Android, iPhone or iOS device, including an iPad, claimsplanet enables the user to document every feature of the vehicle with time and geo-tagged images and video, thus removing any doubt of authenticity. The high-quality images and video can then be annotated using the app’s drawing and text tools, allowing every detail to be accurately documented.

Further adding to the app’s security features, before a user submits their report, they are required to digitally sign it before it is submitted to back-end, browser-based software. On the return of the vehicle, the rental company can quickly compare before and after reports, enabling them to make accurate and fair judgements on the true state of the vehicle.

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