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Founded in 2007, consumer review site allows product and service users to leave genuine reviews of their experiences and users of claimsplanet have left nothing but positive reviews on their encounters with the app and the brand known as claimsplanet. Take a look at the reviews here.

claimsplanet is a ground-breaking claims management iPhone and Android app, developed by industry professionals who’ve, not only accrued years-worth of experience, but trust and credibility that is echoed within claimsplanet’s reviews.

claimsplanet enables insurance companies to assign claims to any iPhone or Android user, at any global location. claimsplanet users take time and geo-tagged images and video of damaged items, clearly annotating damage with drawing and text tools. They then add their own signature to the claim before submitting it from their iPhone for rapid claims processing. Simple, safe, secure.

To learn more about claimsplanet, you can download the app free-of-charge for iPhone here and for Android here.

To find out even more about claimsplanet’s capabilities, book your own demo by contacting a member of the claimsplanet team here.