FCA States Claims Managers and Loss Adjusters are Coronavirus Key Workers.

As the coronavirus intensifies, the UK lockdown has seen schools closed, with an exception to allowing the children of what are referred to as ‘key workers’ to send their children in each day.

According to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), parents who work in financial services and are needed for the provision of essential financial services (key financial workers) include Claims Managers and Loss Adjusters.

Encapsulating every stage of a claim, claimsplanet is an easy-to-use app for all Apple and Android mobile devices. claimsplanet helps the aforementioned key workers to minimise human contact and to enhance social distancing throughout the entire claims management process. Once damaged property is reported, insurance companies assign the claim to any agent or end-user remotely, thus removing the need to travel and to socially interact. The user takes time and geo-tagged images and video of damaged property which they then annotate using text and drawing tools. Before submitting, they digitally sign their claim and send it remotely for processing.

claimsplanet even features messaging and document distribution, thanks to a powerful back-office system that drives a wealth of other functionality. This enables insurers to issue their offer-of-settlement letter to claimsplanet users, who can accept or decline through the app.

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