claimsplanet: Helping Business Continuity in Challenging Times.

As the impact of the Coronavirus on businesses becomes more widespread and apparent, claimsplanet app can help organisations to stay one-step-ahead of, not only the current crisis, but the array of crises that probability suggests will ensue.  With a virus outbreak threat occurring roughly every five years, as well as other future challenges posing similar threats to business continuity, just how can you mitigate business challenges during such demanding times?

As the UK braces itself for lock-downs, event cancellations and travel-restrictions, because claimsplanet app can be used by any Apple or Android mobile device user at most global locations, claimsplanet app can help business continuity by removing the need for travel and in many cases, for personal contact.  For businesses dependent on on-site inspections, how do they continue to operate in the event of such business challenges?  claimsplanet app is the answer.  It’s an easy-to-use app solution, available to all Apple and Android mobile device users that:

  • Saves cost
  • Saves time
  • Reduces environmental impact
  • Is data-compliant and
  • Protects against health risks

With Coronavirus not being covered by BI Policies, Insurance Times details how, due to closures of many call centres, the entire claims management process will be greatly hindered by Coronavirus and similar crises.  The Independent raises the question ‘as to whether the virus will see an explosion in insurance claims’.  Therefore, any streamlining of the claims management process will be welcomed.  Horwich Farrelly asks whether an increase in Coronavirus holiday claims will be difficult to prove.  Thanks to several anti-fraud features, determining whether claims are fraudulent or genuine is far easier using claimsplanet app.

Unlike other solutions, claimsplanet app encapsulates the entire claims management process:  When a damaged item is reported, insurance organisations merely assign the claim to an agent or end-user with any Apple or Android mobile device at any global location.  They then use claimsplanet app to take time and geo-tagged images, annotate the damage using drawing and text tools and, after digitally signing their claim, submit the claim through the app, thus removing the need for travel, and for personal contact and interaction.  The insurer or Loss Adjuster can even distribute their letter-of-offer through the app itself. As well as document management capabilities, claimsplanet also features inbuilt email communications.

Because claimsplanet app reduces administration and personal contact to such high levels, it is also ideal for inspections within the building sector, inventories and claims within the removals and relocations sectors and for inventories within the housing rental sectors.

If you’d like to learn more about using claimsplanet app and how it could help your organisation to mitigate the business risks associated with Coronavirus and similar crises, click here to speak to a member of the claimsplanet team to arrange your free trial.

Download claimsplanet for Apple mobile devices here and for Android devices here