claimsplanet Gets Security Upgrade.

claimsplanet is the simple, safe, secure claims management app that allows insurance companies to assign claims to any iPhone or Android user for rapid, remote claims management.

claimsplanet takes time and geo-tagged images of a damaged item and allows the user to annotate the damage using intuitive drawing and text tools. Happy with their work, the user digitally signs their claim before submitting it from their phone for processing.

As part of claimsplanet’s ongoing development efforts, the app has recently undergone a significant security upgrade, overseen by Elemental Concept. Security is the foundation of claimsplanet, forging trust in customers and clients alike. The new security upgrade should further instil confidence in claimsplanet app, which is fully Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR compliant.

To look at claimsplanet app yourself, find the iPhone version here and the Android version here.

To learn even more and to discuss your requirements, speak to a member of the claimsplanet team and book your claimsplanet demo here.