claimsplanet and Better Survey Images.

Gaining more and more momentum as ‘the’ insurtech claims management solution, claimsplanet manages the entire claims process, from documenting damaged property utilising time and geo-tagged images, through to submitting the claim, right through to issuing the letter of settlement offer.

Because claimsplanet is available to download on all Apple and Android mobile devices, the better survey images are taken, the more efficient the claim will be processed, so here are claimsplanet’s top tips for taking great survey images:

  • Although today’s mobile devices boast superb cameras and lenses, make sure you frequently clean them
  • Photographs of damaged items are best taken in portrait mode i.e vertical and not horizontal
  • Set a suitably high image quality/resolution on your device. The higher the better
    Avoid any framing or special effects which may detract from the actual item
  • Avoid taking your images in low light
  • If the item may be repairable, consider taking images of damaged areas in both artificial and natural light. This helps when obtaining repair estimates
  • Avoid reflections or other ‘hot spots’ like direct sunlight etcetera
  • Avoid direct mirror shots
  • Don’t over-zoom an item. It’s better to get an overview of the entire item and a close up of the damaged area
  • For electrical items, please take an image that includes the make, model, serial number, or number plate of the item, when possible.
  • Don’t take too many images of the same item. 1 to 4 is adequate
  • Keep the background of your frame clutter-free
  • Use your flash sparingly
  • Delete and blurry or unforced images before submitting your survey
  • If a claim contains a large number of items (say 40 or so), consider taking several smaller items in a single shot, or single images per item

So there we have our top tips for taking better survey images. If you’d like to try for yourself download claimsplanet for iPhone and iOS mobile devices here and for Android devices here.

To learn more and to book a free demonstration, click here to speak to a member of the claimsplanet team now.