Claims Management – The Complete Claims Process Managed Through One App.

claimsplanet is continually evaluating and reviewing the app’s features. The app is already a feature-packed solution that makes the entire claims management process quicker, easier and much, much safer. However, in addition to a number of recent security improvements, claimsplanet now fully encompasses the entire claims management process, including the sending of an electronic offer letter to the claimant, which can then be digitally accepted or declined as appropriate. To further enhance data security and to fully comply with GDPR, no offer or acceptance information is held by claimsplanet.

As insurtech continues to further streamline the insurance industry, claimsplanet app is utilised more and more by insurance companies striving to drive down costs, whilst improving the efficiency and security of claims. The app is available to any iOS or Android mobile device user. Once a claim is assigned to either an insurance agent or end-user, they utilise the app to capture time and geo-tagged images or video of damaged property. The app features easy-to-use text and drawing tools, allowing the user to clearly highlight all details of damage. One the user is satisfied with their annotated images and video, they further enhance security by digitally signing the claim before submitting it.

If you’d like to learn more about how claimsplanet can streamline your organisation’s entire claims management process, download claimsplanet for iPhone and iOS mobile devices here and for Android devices here. To arrange your own free trial, click here to speak to a member of the claimsplanet team now.