Insurtech Funding Might Have Slowed But Demand Has Never Been Higher.

Funding for insurtech has slowed throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, according to Insurance Business Magazine. However, the need for insurers to provide greater levels of customer service, better communications and effective claims management has never been higher. As mentioned previously by claimsplanet, the UK insurance industry steering group that formed to ensure the industry supports customers and communities throughout this and future pandemics is a testament to this. As the insurance industry strives to streamline claims management, insurtech investment grew year-on-year right up until Covid-19. But now is the time for insurers to examine how insurtech solutions might help them to shine throughout these challenging times.

claimsplanet is proving to be one such insurtech solution that, not only manages the entire claims process within one easy-to-use app environment, but it also promotes social distancing. Utilising the app’s Fast-Track feature, insurance organisations can assign a claim to a claimant in possession of an Android or Apple mobile device. Completely eliminating the need for human interaction, they download claimsplanet app from almost any global location. They then take time and geo-tagged images and videos of their damaged items and after highlighting damage using the app’s drawing and text tools, they digitally sign the claim and submit it for processing.

With messaging and document distribution, which are fully GDPR-compliant, claimsplanet app is a solution that fully-encompasses the entire claims management environment. Therefore, claimsplanet app provides faster, safer and more efficient service, whilst removing fraud, personal contact, travel and paperwork at the same time.

If you’d like to streamline your organisation’s claims management throughout COVID-19, click here to arrange a free trial now.

Download claimsplanet for Apple mobile devices here and for Android devices here.

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