Insurtech Easing Covid-19 Business Strains.

As the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer announced generous financial support measures to workers and business owners to ease pressure from the increasingly threatening coronavirus outbreak, Insurance Times details how Insurtech companies are helping freelancers undergoing financial strain.  Partnering with freelance platform UnderPinned, Digital Risks will offer their services for free to freelancers until September.  This should help to ease financial burdens through offering 24/7 tax, legal and mental health helplines.

claimsplanet app is an insurtech solution helping many organisations to minimise the risks of challenging business environments, like Coronavirus.  claimsplanet is an easy-to-use app, available to all Apple and Android mobile devices.  Because insurance claims can be quickly and remotely completed through the app, risk of personal contact are eliminated need and travel costs are eliminated too!  The end-user, or an insurance agent, uses the app to take time and geo-tagged images and video and then annotates them using text and drawing tools.  After digitally signing, the user remotely submits the claim which can be processed straight away by the insurer.  Encapsulating the entire claims management process, messaging and letters-of-offer can all be sent through the app, resulting in a fully encapsulated, safe, fast and efficient claims management system.

If you’d like to know more about claimsplanet app, why not click here to speak to a member fo the claimsplanet team and to arrange your free trial now. Download claimsplanet for Apple mobile devices here and for Android devices here.

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