Insurers Demonstrating Social Responsibility Throughout Covid-19.

This week, Insurance Business Magazine highlighted how insurance companies are weighing in on the good of insurance. With the Covid-19 pandemic seeing a level of scrutiny directed towards financial services not seen since the financial crisis of 12 years ago, the last few weeks have been a time of significant change across the insurance sector. Just before the lockdown in the UK, CII President, Nick Turner, stressed the importance of insurance sector organisations acting ethically during this time, something that was further emphasised by the FCA outlining its expectations for general insurance companies during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Coronavirus outbreak has given organisations the opportunity to showcase their commitment to customer service and to highlight the essential role for societal good that insurance has to play. claimsplanet app is a solution that will help many insurance businesses to provide a more streamlined customer service experience, as well as demonstrating social responsibility by improving social distancing throughout Covid-19.

claimsplanet app allows insurers to remotely assign a claim directly to an agent or end-user with an Apple or Android mobile device. Because the app is intuitive to use, the user takes their own time and geo-tagged images and video of damaged property, details the damage using text and drawing tools, signs their claim and submits remotely for rapid processing. The aforementioned, coupled with the ability to message and process documentation, including letters-of-settlement-offer, means that claimsplanet app, not only manages the entire claims management process, but also positions insurers as more socially responsible organisations. This is attained through reducing travel and by improving social distancing throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

If your organisation would like to improve its claims management processes, click here to speak to a claimsplanet team member to arrange your free trial now.

Download claimsplanet for Apple mobile devices here and for Android devices here.

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