Insurance Sector Finally Switching on to Technology.

The technology press and media have been quick to point out how the insurance industry has not been the fastest to adopt technological developments, often preferring face-to-face customer relations, and with a heavy dependence on traditional systems and methods. However, Raconteur states that the technological tide is now turning as insurance chief executives are increasingly switching-on to time, cost and efficiency-saving technologies; something that will undoubtedly benefit the claimant.

Understanding the importance to transform, digitise and focus more on the customer experience, insurance organisations are removing a great deal of the physical data that uses up office space, with the most progressive organisations moving away from their IT mainframes to the cloud. Will Pritchett, head of technology, insurance and investment management at KPMG says: “Insurance organisations want to transform, digitise and become customer-centric. They’ve started by removing much of the physical data that used up office space”. So good news for the claimant!

An example of technology driving insurance industry efficiency is the booming smartphone market. ClaimsPlanet is an end-user iPhone and Android app that allows insurance companies to assign claims to agents, or directly to claimants in any geographical location. Removing the need for travel and paperwork, a local agent or claimant uses the ClaimsPlanet app to take time and geo-tagged images and video, after which they can highlight and annotate the damage before signing and submitting their claim.

As well as improved efficiency and reduced costs, insurance companies will experience improved control and governance of the claims process.

For more information on how your organisation can benefit from using ClaimsPlanet, click here  to speak to a member of the team.

To take a look at ClaimsPlanet app visit the iTunes store or Google Play and search ClaimsPlanet.

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