Insurance Moving to Continent – Slicker Relocation Insurance Claims.

The UK is experiencing a migration of insurance business as Brexit approaches, according to Bloomsberg. With the EU’s insurance and pensions regulator having ordered every UK-based underwriter to transfer policies held by European clients to units on the continent, some £61billion-worth of business is shifting to countries such as Belgium, Luxembourg and Ireland, regardless of the UK’s divorce terms.

With the shift in business comes a shift in staff through company and staff relocations. claimsplanet app allows for safer, more secure relocations, thanks to it being readily available across both Android and iPhone devices. claimsplanet is an insurance claims management tool that enables users, whether they are insurance agents or end-users involved in relocation damage claims, to take time and geo-tagged images and video of any damage sustained to belongings.

claimsplanet’s annotation features enable the user to then clearly highlight, identify and describe the damage, thanks to its drawing and text tools. Once the images and/or video are annotated, the user adds their digital signature for enhanced fraud protection, submits the claim remotely and it can then be processed straight away. Simple, safe, secure.

If your organisation is moving or relocating staff, you can take a look at claimsplanet for iPhone here  and for Android here.

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