Insurance Fraud Rises – claimsplanet Secures Claims Management.

CIFAS, the UK’s fraud prevention service reported a 27 per cent rise in false insurance claims in 2019, according to Insurance Age. The previous year, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) reported that the total number of fraudulent claims and applications was circa 469,000, itself a 6% increase in value from 2017. Dishonest insurance claims were valued at a staggering £1.2bn in 2018 and in 2019, the average insurance scam had a value of £12,000.

claimsplanet app stamps out fraudulent claims. It’s an easy-to-use smartphone app, available to all Apple and Android users and through a number of anti-fraud features, misleading and fraudulent claims are stopped in their tracks. As a damaged item is reported, an insurer can assign a ‘Fast Track’ claim directly to an end-user, cutting out the need to use an agent or to assign a Loss Adjuster. claimsplanet takes high-resolution images and video of damaged property and embeds them with time and geo-tagged metadata, thus conclusively proving their legitimacy. Once the damage is highlighted using annotation tools, the user is then required to digitally sign the claim before submitting it for processing.

If you’d like to learn more about cutting insurance fraud whilst managing claims remotely throughout Covid-19, click here to speak to a member fo the claimsplanet team and to arrange your free claimsplanet trial.

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