Increase Claims Efficiency Across the SME Sector with claimsplanet App.

The financial watchdog has recently created a unit to monitor how insurance organisations manage coronavirus claims across the UK’s SME sector. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) set out its expectations of insurers by writing to the chief executives of insurance companies. In the letter, FCA chief executive Christopher Woolard praised insurers for their efforts to deal with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, particularly with their dealings with customer queries at a time when the number has increased exponentially.

Streamlining the entire claims management system, claimsplanet app is a smartphone solution that encapsulates the entire claims process. From the assignment of a claim to an end-user to their submission of the claim, through to the insurer sharing documents including the letter of offer to the client, claimsplanet even features messaging, thus further heightening the customer experience.

If your organisation is looking for ways to increase efficiency and levels of customer service when it might be experiencing higher levels of insurance claims, speak to a member of the claims management team now.

You can download claimsplanet for Apple mobile devices here and for Android devices here.

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