Help! I’ve Been Burgled – Now What?.

Help! I’ve Been Burgled – Now What? – Firstly, stay calm and inform your local police. Don’t touch anything just yet, because the police will need to see everything just as you found it. Whilst you’re waiting, cancel any stolen cards and contact your mobile phone provider if a device has been taken. Make a note of any keys that are missing and then make an inventory of your possessions.

When the police have inspected your property, any damaged and stolen items can then be claimed for. Use the ClaimsPlanet app to take time and geo-tagged photographs and video of damaged items, such as windows and doors. Using the app’s annotation features to highlight and comment in detail on the damage. This will enable your insurance company to assign the most suitable replacement or repair company, resulting in a much more efficient and speedy claims process.

For stolen items, you can also use claimsplanet to take images of receipts, photographs and any other proof-of-ownership. Because ClaimsPlanet takes time and geo-tagged images and video, your insurance company will be sure that it is processing bona fide items, something that should speed-up your claim so that your life returns to normal as quickly as possible.

To download claimsplanet, simply visit iTunes or Google Play and search claimsplanet.

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