Flooding Levels Prompts New Code of Practice.

The last year has seen flooding after flooding across the UK, something that’s kept the claims management sector working in overdrive. In response, the Society of Claims Professionals reports that a new property flood resilience code of practice has been launched. The code is the result of years of work that began as an industry-led Property Flood Resilient Round Table, set up by the Department of Environment, Food & Rural Affairs.

Following a slew of storms hitting the UK, including the more recently Ciara, Dennis and Freya, the need for an industry-wide set of guidance and standards is thought to be more crucial than ever. With circa 5.2 million properties at risk of flooding in the UK, whilst insurance can provide financial protection, there is also a need to focus on prevention.

The code is funded by a number of leading insurance and government organisations and sets out six standards that need to be met including:

  1. Hazard assessment
  2. Property survey
  3. Options development
  4. Construction
  5. Commissioning and handover
  6. Operation and maintenance

Although the code focusses on prevention, flood damage is at times unavoidable and that’s where claimsplanet app comes in to play. It makes the entire claims management process far more efficient, enveloping the entire process within a single app environment.

On assignment of a claim, an agent or end-user downloads claimsplanet app onto any Apple or Android mobile device and takes time and geo-tagged images or video of the damaged property. Using the app’s powerful annotation tools, they then highlight and comment on the damage, digitally sign the claim and submit it for rapid processing. The app even distributes letters of settlement offer.

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