FastTrack your claims and investigations.

Our FastTrack service helps claimants and insurers initiate, investigate and capture all the information needed for your claim, anywhere in the world. Helping get you back on your feet sooner.

How does FastTrack work?

IT works by using our self service App to capture and authenticate the details of your claim or by sending out a local agent when required to capture details – saving everyone time and money.

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Benefits of using Claims FastTrack


worldwide coverage


Faster setTlements


saves money


secure information

Have a claim or looking to make one?

Helping make claiming both fast and less stressful

If you’ve already made a claim via your insurer…

No action is required – your insurer will contact you with everything you need to help FastTrack your claim if they’ve signed up with Claimsplanet.

If you’re looking to support a claim or complaint…

Use our simple App to capture secure photo and video evidence to support your claim or protect yourself when hiring or renting anything – its date and location stamped!

Hiring a car?

Renting a flat or holiday accommodation?

Had a motor accident?

Making a customer complaint or seeking a refund?

It’s free to use.

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Are you an insurer or company looking for a claim to be inspected?

Helping you process claims faster and for less cost.

We can get one of our specially trained agents to see your claimant normally within 1 working day or provide our App to them in minutes to self-assess.

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