ClaimsPlanet Feature: Image Annotation.

You may have heard how the insurance industry is opening itself up to the possibilities of IT as it strives to play catch-up with other financial sectors, whilst improving the customer experience and driving down costs.

claimsplanet is an Apple and Android app that enables insurance companies to assign claims to agents and claimants throughout the globe. As a claimant, you can then take images of damaged items and submit genuine time and geo-tagged images and video for a much more efficient claims process.

Every month we look at a unique feature of claimsplanet; a capability and benefit that helps to propel this secure, paperless claim management solution as an ideal tool for claims management. This month we examine how ClaimsPlanet users can, not only take time and geo-tagged images and video of the damaged item, but can then identify and annotate damage sustained during shipping.

Once users are content that they’ve taken a satisfactory image or video of the item and its damaged areas, they can then use coloured arrows and drawing tools to pinpoint the damage and leave an accompanying description to enable insurance company staff to process the claim once submitted. Additional time can be saved using the digital dictation capability on most mobile devices.

As you can see by the accompanying images, the annotation feature ensures that damage is clearly and unmistakably identified and described. As the images are time and geo-tagged, there is reduced potential for fraudulent claims, as well as ambiguity of damage sustained.

To install claimsplanet app onto your smartphone or device visit the iTunes store or Google Play and search claimsplanet.

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