claimsplanet Could Drive Down Motor Insurance Claim Management Costs.

With the typical cost of a motor insurance claim in the UK standing at circa £2,936, its little wonder why the insurance industry is looking towards technology to ‘drive’ down the cost and amount of claims. Black boxes and telematics systems are just two of the tools lauded for their contribution to car insurance. These two technologies alone can reduce claims on average by 22 per cent, according to research by telematics specialist, ITS.

In addition to the aforementioned, claimsplanet app is another tool to help the motor insurance industry run more smoothly, drastically speeding up the claims management process, whilst reducing incidences of fraud and minimising other costs associated with travel, administration and processing.

claimsplanet app enables insurers to assign claims processing to agents and end-users at any global location. If they have an iPhone or Android, then they can use claimsplanet app. They then take time and geo-tagged images and/or video of the crash, as well as any damage to vehicles and property and annotate using claimsplanet’s drawing and text tools. Before submitting the claim, the user adds their digital signature to even further reduce fraud and they then submit the claim for processing. Simple, safe, secure.

To find out more about claimsplanet app, download the iPhone version here and the Android version here. To book your own claimsplanet demo, click here now.

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