ClaimsPlanet App – Geo-Tagging Renders Insurance Claim Fraud Less Possible.

Deciphering the authenticity of insurance claim images can require a keen eye and a sharp mind at times. With fraud within the insurance industry costing some £4 million per-day, verifying the authenticity of claim images is one step closer to eradicating fraudulent claims.

Traditionally, unless insurance companies send out their own staff member to process a claim, the source of images is not always crystal-clear and there’s no real way of guaranteeing that images were taken when and where it was claimed they were.

claimsplanet is a simple-to-use iPhone and Android app that enables insurance companies to assign claims to agents anywhere in the world, as well as fast-tracking the claim by assigning it directly to the claimant. Because today’s smartphones boast high-quality cameras, once the end-user is registered, they can take images and video of the damaged item. claimsplanet time-stamps and geo-tags the images and videos as they’re submitted, i.e. using the smartphone’s location to embed the precise time and position of the image capture, something that can’t be tampered with.

As well as time and geo-tagging images, a claim in claimsplanet requires the user to enter their own signature prior to finalising and submitting the claim from anywhere across the globe. Click, claim, sorted!

To take a look at claimsplanet, visit the iTunes store or Google Play and search claimsplanet.

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