claimsplanet: An App to Drive Car Leasing Processing Forward.

With more and more new car registrations being lease vehicles, leasing companies strive to manage the ‘before’ and ‘return’ states of their vehicles more effectively. With every single dint, scratch, dent, chip and scuff needing documenting and processing, claimsplanet is proving to be a very reliable, foolproof and efficient tool to ramp-up efficiency in the return and processing of lease vehicles.

Because claimsplanet takes time and geo-tagged images, the ‘before’ state of a vehicle can be effectively documented, removing the likelihood of any disagreements on return of the vehicle.

When a vehicle is returned, every dent, chip, scrape and scuff can be documented through time and geo-tagged images and video. Using claimsplanet’s annotation tools, the damage can be highlighted using drawing tools and detailed using text. To further cement authenticity, a claim is digitally signed before remotely submitting for processing.

To see what claimsplanet can do for you, download the iPhone version here and the Android version here.

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