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Safety Footwear and PPE Can Drive Down Insurance Claims

claimsplanet app has a plethora of uses; one of which is to be used as a way of cataloguing completed construction and engineering projects in detail. claimsplanet users can take time and geo-tagged images and video of work completed, annotate in detail, sign and submit from any global location. claimsplanet can also be used to […]

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Simple Safe Secure Hurricane Season Insurance Claims

As we all know, the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season brought unprecedented destruction throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Although the season officially starts on June 1st, running through to November 30th, tropical cyclogenesis began this year in May with Subtropical Storm Andrea making 2019 a record fifth year in-a-row where a tropical or subtropical cyclone began before […]

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How To Make Your Home Insurance Claims Process Easy

When it comes to filing a homeowners insurance claim, it usually means that something terrible has happened and you or your home needs help. However, sometimes obtaining this help from your insurance company can seem like a hard and confusing process. But, it doesn’t have to be hard.  Today I am going to go over […]

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