As Insurance Prices Rise Insurers Look to Provide Added Value.

Throughout the first quarter of 2018, global commercial insurance experienced a second consecutive price increase, according to Marsh Global Insurance Market Index (Insurance Business UK). This follows four and a half years of price decreases. With insurance prices in the UK having increased by 0.2 per cent throughout Q1, insurance renewal prices increased across financial and professional lines, spurred by a deteriorating claims environment. Therefore, insurance companies should be seeking-out practices and processes that help to fuel efficiency and drive-down consumer insurance premiums. One such strategy to achieve this may well be to shift IT infrastructure over to the cloud and to integrate services more and more with mobile technology, such as the smartphones that each and every one of us routinely carry.

claimsplanet app is one such mobile tool that could well help insurers to reduce IT overheads, as well as their travel, postage and administrative costs. When made available to insurance agents and claimants, claims can be effortlessly assigned to app users who can then process the claim through their mobile device. Time and geo-tagged images can be annotated to identify and detail damage. Following signing the claim, it’s then submitted to the insurance company for processing. The truly global and remote nature of the app and the claim assignment, processing and submission processes means that ClaimsPlanet removes the need for agent travel, whilst cutting administrative overheads.

For more information on the time and cost-saving benefits of claimsplanet app, get in touch now. To install claimsplanet app on your smartphone or device, visit the iTunes store or Google Play and search claimsplanet.

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