An Increase in Corporate Relocations – Higher Claim Volume.

According to Small Business, one of the key concerns for UK businesses is the impact that Brexit may have on employee management and mobility, especially in the UK’s service-led economy. With pharmaceutical and financial industries planning for the future environment by surveying employees and educating them on post-Brexit options, these include residency applications and updates on developments of the Brexit negotiations.

One could imagine that, regardless of its outcomes, once Brexit has formed a clearer picture for organisations on both sides of the UK, EU and Non-EU companies will be in a better position to action staff relocations. Therefore, the shipping industry may well expect a surge in contracts and a knock-on effect from this is of course a surge in insurance claims from items damaged throughout the shipping process.

Forward-thinking insurance organisations should be planning ahead and implementing time and cost-saving solutions, like the claimsplanet app. Being a smartphone app that can be accessed and used anywhere in the world, insurance companies assign shipping damage claims to insurance agents and claimants alike from the comfort of their office, removing the need for travel and paperwork.

Agents and claimants download the app to take high-quality images and videos of the damaged areas of the items associated with the claim. Because they’re time and geo-tagged, fraud is far less possible. Images can then have colourful frames and arrows added, along with detailed descriptions of the damaged areas before users add their signature and submit the claim, all from the convenience of their iPhone or Android device.

If you’re preparing for relocation, or if your organisation is bracing itself for an increase in shipping insurance claims, visit and to download the app, visit the iTunes store or Google Play and search claimsplanet.

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